Sunday, April 11, 2010

Access Linux file system from Windows

Few months ago I had a server running Linux. It was running Apache Server connected with 2 Tomcat servers and mySQL database server. Each Tomcat was running several web applications. Everything was running smoothly, until one day I made some mistake and damaged the operating system to a point it was no longer running.

All my efforts to repair the problem were failed. Since my knowledge in Linux is not so good as my knowledge in Windows, I made a decision to move to Windows 2008 Server. But, unfortunately I needed lots of the data that was on my Linux machine. Since I was unable to repair the Linux machine, I decided to look for a way of a accessing directly to my Linux file system from Windows.

Removing the disk from the Linux machine and putting it on my Windows machine was an easy task. Finding a tool that allows access to my Linux file system was a real challenge. I downloaded several tools from the web and had no luck accessing my Linux file system with them. The tools simply didn’t work.

Finally after doing quite a search, I came across this project: which offers a software named: Ext2Fsd. This software is not so user friendly, and it took me quite a while understanding how to define a drive that will point to my Linux file system. But after connecting my Linux file system with a drive, I was able to see my entire Linux file system through Windows. I simply made a copy & paste to all the files I needed, and after few minutes I was able to save all my lost data.

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