Sunday, March 25, 2018

Install Tomcat 8 on RasberryPi

I wanted to play a little with my old RaspberryPi (2 Model B) and install Tomcat 8 on it. I went over several tedious blogs showing a pretty long process from checking Java version through creating tomcat user and downloading Tomcat from all sort of strange web sites.
If you are not picky on a specific Tomcat 8 version, then it is actually quite a simple task:

First make sure using the command line that your RaspberryPi is running at least Java 8:

java -version

The install Tomcat 8 using apt:

sudo apt-get install tomcat8

It will make sure to create tomcat8 user for you.

In order to make sure if Tomcat 8 is running properly, simply open your browser (probably Chromium) and type: