Monday, February 4, 2013

Change address bar back to Google on FireFox

Nowadays, when you install new software on your machine, you can never know if it comes with some other bundled packages that during installation simply change the behavior of your browser/system. During the installation process you get a small check box selected by default, usually on the bottom of the window so you do not notice that you are going to install some additional software.

Lately this thing happened to me, even tough I always pay attention to these kind of things. I even do not remember what I installed. But as a result of the installation I was not longer able to directly do search on my FireFox address bar.
Companies that usually change the address bar for you without you wanting it are:
I was able to repair this issue very easily by doing the following steps:
  1. Write on FireFox address bar: "about:config". It will take you to advanced settings of FireFox.
  2. Use the "search" text field on the top to filter: "keyword.URL".
  3. Right click on the resulted row and select: "Reset".
That's it. As simply as that.

It is also a good thing if you will try to filter the list by the strings: "ask" and "conduit" in order to reset other things they might have changed in you browser.
Please make sure that you do not do mistakes in the process.