Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Disable password complexity on Windows 2008 Server

Windows 2008 server enforces by default a pretty hard restrictive policy for defining user passwords. Actually, it is so hard, that after 15 minutes of trying to define a new password I simply gave up. Instead, I simply disabled the password complexity requirements.

Here is how you can easily disable password complexity on Windows 2008 Server:

First, you have to load a program named “gpedit”. Press on Windows “Start” button, and on the text box write: “gpedit.msc”. This is how it should look:


When “gpedit” is loaded, on the tree, go to: Computer Configuration –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –> Account Policies –> Password Policy. This is how it looks:


On the right pane, you will see list of policies. Search for a policy named: “Password must meet complexity requirments”. It should be “Enabled”. In order to disable it, double click on the policy. A dialog will open:


Choose: “Disabled” value and press “OK”. That’s it. Now you will be able easily define/change passwords on Windows 2008 server.

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