Friday, April 24, 2009

Mobile Operators/Carriers list from Wikipedia as SQL inserts

Update: You might want to consider a checking this newer post about mobile operators/carriers.

This passed year showed a big change in the mobile world. The cell phone is no longer only a way of communication. It is a fully portable operating system used also as digital camera, camcorder, GPS, radio, mail , music player, video player, television, gaming machine and much more. It took the cell phone producing companies quite some time to catch up with the iPhone, but they finally did it. New Smart phones are emerging all the time, and the time is not far that we will all be using them.
The growth of smart phones market will make a great donation to the mobile advertising world. More and more advertising money will start moving to this direction as usage increases. The great enhancement of the browsing experience on smart phones makes it a great place for advertising. The growing use of rich mobile applications like YouTube and Facebook is also a great potential for advertising. Long existing mobile features that never really took off like mobile television is also starting to become more realistic with the passed few years network speed upgrades and the growing size of the mobile displays. This is another medium that can be exploited for dynamic targeted advertising.
Well, this long opening was really just a preparation for actually a short blog (I do have to write something… ;-). This whole promising future of the mobile world on the next few years (this is only my assumption don’t take my word for it…) will bring many companies to the game. All these companies in some way or another will need to deal with advertising content on mobile operator/carrier level. I spent quite some time on compiling a complete worldwide SQL insert list of mobile operators. This list may come in handy to some of you. The list is constructed from the following columns:
  • country_code: Country code in ISO 3116-1 alpha-2 (2 letter) standard.
  • operator: Mobile operator/carrier name.
  • brand: Mobile operator brand.
You would probably want to add to this list your own columns containing some extra information as well as a decent primary key.
This list is a based on the Wikipedia page: Mobile Network Code. It is simply a processed and refined version with country code values added. This list is a good start, but will probably be to maintained and updated from time to time.
CREATE TABLE `mobile_operator` (
`country_code` char(2) NOT NULL,
`operator` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
`brand` varchar(50) NOT NULL
INSERT INTO `mobile_operator` (`country_code`, `operator`, `brand`) VALUES
('AF', 'Afghan Wireless Communication Company', 'AWCC'),
('AF', 'Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd.', 'Roshan'),
('AF', 'MTN Afghanistan', 'Areeba'),
('AF', 'Etisalat Afghanistan', 'Etisalat'),
('AL', 'Albanian Mobile Communications', 'AMC'),
('AL', 'Vodafone Albania', 'Vodafone'),
('AL', 'Eagle Mobile', 'Eagle Mobile'),
('DZ', 'ATM Mobilis', 'Mobilis'),
('DZ', 'Orascom Telecom Algerie Spa', 'Djezzy'),
('DZ', 'Wataniya Telecom Algerie', 'Nedjma'),
('AD', 'Servei De Tele. DAndorra', 'Mobiland'),
('AO', 'UNITEL S.a.r.l.', 'UNITEL'),
('AI', 'Weblinks Limited', ''),
('AG', 'Antigua Public Utilities Authority', 'APUA'),
('AG', 'Cable & Wireless Caribbean Cellular (Antigua) Limited', 'bmobile'),
('AG', 'Antigua Wireless Ventures Limited', 'Digicel'),
('AR', 'Telefonica Móviles Argentina SA', 'Movistar'),
('AR', 'NII Holdings', 'Nextel'),
('AR', 'AMX Argentina S.A', 'Claro'),
('AR', 'Telecom Personal SA', 'Personal'),
('AR', 'Hutchinson (PORT HABLE)', ''),
('AM', 'ArmenTel', 'Beeline'),
('AM', 'K Telecom CJSC', 'VivaCell-MTS'),
('AW', 'SETAR (Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba)', 'SETAR'),
('AW', 'Digicell', 'Digicell'),
('AU', 'Telstra Corp. Ltd.', 'Telstra'),
('AU', 'Singtel Optus Ltd', 'YES OPTUS'),
('AU', 'Vodafone Australia', 'Vodafone'),
('AU', 'Department of Defence', ''),
('AU', 'Ozitel', 'Ozitel'),
('AU', 'Hutchison 3G', '3'),
('AU', 'One. Tel', 'One. Tel'),
('AU', 'Airnet', 'Airnet'),
('AU', 'AAPT', 'AAPT'),
('AU', '3GIS', '3GIS'),
('AU', 'Advanced Communications Technologies', ''),
('AU', 'Crazy John''s', 'Crazy John''s'),
('AU', 'Localstar', 'Localstar'),
('AT', 'Mobilkom Austria', 'A1'),
('AT', 'T-Mobile Austria', 'T-Mobile'),
('AT', 'Orange Austria', 'Orange'),
('AT', 'Hutchison 3G', '3'),
('AZ', 'Azercell', 'Azercell'),
('AZ', 'Bakcell', 'Bakcell'),
('AZ', 'Azerfon', 'Nar Mobile'),
('BS', 'The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd', 'BaTelCo'),
('BH', 'Batelco', 'Batelco'),
('BD', 'GrameenPhone Ltd', 'Grameenphone'),
('BD', 'Aktel', 'Aktel'),
('BD', 'Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited', 'Banglalink'),
('BD', 'TeleTalk', 'TeleTalk'),
('BD', 'Citycell', 'Citycell'),
('BD', 'Warid Telecom', 'Warid'),
('BB', 'Cable & Wireless Barbados Ltd.', 'bmobile'),
('BB', 'Digicel (Jamaica) Limited', 'Digicel'),
('BB', 'Sunbeach Communications', ''),
('BY', 'Velcom', 'Velcom'),
('BY', 'JLLC Mobile TeleSystems', 'MTS'),
('BY', 'Belarussian Telecommunications Network', 'life:)'),
('BY', 'BelCel', ''),
('BE', 'Belgacom Mobile', 'Proximus'),
('BE', 'France Telecom', 'Mobistar'),
('BE', 'KPN', 'BASE'),
('BZ', 'Belize Telemedia', ''),
('BZ', 'International Telecommunications Ltd.', ''),
('BZ', 'Smart', 'Smart'),
('BM', 'Telecommunications (Bermuda & West Indies) Ltd', 'Digicel Bermuda'),
('BM', 'M3 Wireless', 'Mobility'),
('BM', 'Digicel', 'Digicel'),
('BM', 'Cellular One', 'Cellular One'),
('BJ', 'Bell Benin Communications', 'BBCOM'),
('BJ', 'Libercom', 'Libercom'),
('BJ', 'Telecel Benin Ltd', 'Telecel'),
('BJ', 'Spacetel Benin', 'Areeba'),
('BT', 'B-Mobile', 'B-Mobile'),
('BT', 'Tashi InfoComm Limited', 'TashiCell'),
('BO', 'Nuevatel PCS De Bolivia SA', 'Nuevatel'),
('BO', 'Entel SA', 'Entel'),
('BO', 'Telefonica Celular De Bolivia S.A', 'Tigo'),
('BA', 'Public Enterprise Croatian Telecom Ltd.', 'ERONET'),
('BA', 'RS Telecommunications JSC Banja Luka', 'm:tel'),
('BA', 'BH Telecom', 'BH Mobile'),
('BW', 'Mascom Wireless (Pty) Limited', 'Mascom'),
('BW', 'Orange (Botswana) Pty Limited', 'Orange'),
('BW', 'Botswana Telecommunications Corporation', 'BTC Mobile'),
('BR', 'Telecom Italia Mobile', 'TIM'),
('BR', 'Claro (América Móvil)', 'Claro'),
('BR', 'Vivo S.A.', 'Vivo'),
('BR', 'CTBC Telecom', 'CTBC Celular'),
('BR', 'Sercomtel Celular', 'Sercomtel'),
('BR', 'Brasil Telecom Celular SA', 'Oi / Brasil Telecom'),
('BR', 'Amazônia Celular S.A.', 'Oi / Amazonia Celular'),
('BR', 'TNL PCS', 'Oi'),
('BR', 'CTBC Celular S.A.', 'CTBC Celular'),
('BR', 'Unicel do Brasil', 'aeiou'),
('VG', 'Cable & Wireless (West Indies)', 'Cable & Wireless'),
('VG', 'Caribbean Cellular Telephone', ''),
('BN', 'Jabatan Telekom', ''),
('BN', 'B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd', 'B-Mobile'),
('BN', 'DataStream Technology', 'DTSCom'),
('BG', 'Mobiltel', 'M-Tel'),
('BG', 'BTC', 'Vivatel'),
('BG', 'Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile', 'GLOBUL'),
('BF', 'Onatel', 'Onatel'),
('BF', 'Celtel Burkina Faso', 'Zain'),
('BF', 'Telecel Faso SA', 'Telecel Faso'),
('BI', 'Econet Wireless Burundi PLC', 'Spacetel'),
('BI', 'Africell PLC', 'Africell'),
('BI', 'Telecel Burundi Company', 'Telecel'),
('BI', 'Onatel', 'Onatel'),
('KH', 'CamGSM', 'Mobitel'),
('KH', 'Telekom Malaysia International (Cambodia) Co. Ltd', 'hello'),
('KH', 'S Telecom', ''),
('KH', 'Cambodia Advance Communications Co. Ltd', 'qb'),
('KH', 'APPLIFONE CO. LTD.', 'Star-Cell'),
('KH', 'Camshin / Shinawatra', ''),
('KH', 'Excell', 'Excell'),
('KH', 'Latelz Co., Ltd', ''),
('KH', 'Sotelco Ltd. (Beeline-KH)', 'Beeline'),
('CM', 'Mobile Telephone Network Cameroon Ltd', 'MTN Cameroon'),
('CM', 'Orange Cameroun S.A.', 'Orange'),
('CA', 'Telus', ''),
('CA', 'Telus Mobility Temporary', ''),
('CA', 'Airtel Wireless', ''),
('CA', 'FIRST Networks Operations Inc', 'FIRST'),
('CA', 'Telus Mobility', 'MiKe'),
('CA', 'Microcell Telecommunications Inc (Fido)', 'Fido'),
('CA', 'Dryden Mobility', 'DMTS'),
('CA', 'Globalive Wireless', ''),
('CA', 'ICE Wireless', ''),
('CA', 'Bell Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'BC Tel Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'Sask Tel Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'MTS Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'Tbay Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'Telus (Quebec) Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'MB Tel Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'MT&T Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'New Tel Mobility', ''),
('CA', 'Globalstar', 'Globalstar'),
('CA', 'Rogers Wireless', ''),
('CV', 'CVMovel, S.A.', 'CVMOVEL'),
('KY', 'Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Limited', 'Cable & Wireless'),
('KY', 'Digicel Cayman Ltd.', 'Digicel'),
('CF', 'Centrafrique Telecom Plus', 'CTP'),
('CF', 'Telecel Centrafrique', 'TC'),
('CF', 'Orange RCA', 'Orange'),
('CF', 'Nationlink Telecom RCA', 'Nationlink'),
('TD', 'CelTel Tchad SA', 'Zain'),
('TD', 'Tchad Mobile', ''),
('TD', 'TIGO - Millicom', ''),
('CL', 'Entel Pcs', 'Entel'),
('CL', 'Movistar Chile', 'movistar'),
('CL', 'Claro Chile', 'Claro'),
('CL', 'Entel Telefonica Movil', 'Entel'),
('CN', 'China Mobile', ''),
('CN', 'China Unicom', ''),
('CN', 'China Telecom', ''),
('CO', 'Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. - Telecom', ''),
('CO', 'Edatel S.A.', 'Edatel'),
('CO', 'Comcel Colombia', 'Comcel'),
('CO', 'Bellsouth Colombia', 'movistar'),
('CO', 'Colombia Móvil', 'Tigo'),
('CO', 'Telefónica Móviles Colombia', 'movistar'),
('KM', 'HURI - SNPT', ''),
('CG', 'Celtel Congo', 'Zain'),
('CG', 'MTN CONGO S.A', 'Libertis Telecom'),
('CG', 'African Telecoms', ''),
('CG', 'Congolaise Wireless', ''),
('CK', 'Telecom Cook', ''),
('CR', 'Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad', 'ICE'),
('CR', 'Grupo ICE', 'ICE'),
('HR', 'T-Mobile Croatia', 'T-Mobile'),
('HR', 'Tele2', 'Tele2'),
('HR', 'VIPnet', 'VIPnet'),
('CU', 'Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba, SA', 'ETECSA'),
('CY', 'Cyprus Telecommunications Auth', 'Cytamobile-Vodafone'),
('CY', 'Areeba Ltd', 'MTN'),
('CZ', 'T-Mobile Czech Republic', 'T-Mobile'),
('CZ', 'Telefónica O2 Czech Republic', 'EUROTEL PRAHA'),
('CZ', 'Vodafone Czech Republic', 'OSKAR'),
('CZ', 'MobilKom, a. s.', 'U:fon'),
('CZ', 'SŽDC s.o.', ''),
('CZ', 'Vodafone Czech Republic a.s., R&D Centre at FEE, CTU', 'Vodafone'),
('CG', 'Vodacom Congo RDC sprl', 'Vodacom'),
('CG', 'Cellco', ''),
('CG', 'Supercell SPRL', 'Supercell'),
('CG', 'Congo-Chine Telecom s.a.r.l.', 'CCT'),
('CG', 'OASIS SPRL', 'SAIT Telecom'),
('CG', 'Africell RDC sprl', 'Africell'),
('DK', 'TDC A/S', 'TDC'),
('DK', 'Telenor', 'Sonofon'),
('DK', 'MIGway A/S', ''),
('DK', 'Hi3G Denmark ApS', '3'),
('DK', 'Barablu Mobile Ltd.', ''),
('DK', 'Telia', 'Telia'),
('DK', 'Telia Nãttjänster Norden AB', 'Telia'),
('DJ', 'Djibouti Telecom SA', 'Evatis'),
('DM', 'Digicel', 'Digicel'),
('DM', 'Cable & Wireless', ''),
('DO', 'Orange Dominicana', 'Orange'),
('DO', 'Compañía Dominicana de Teléfonos, C por', 'Claro'),
('DO', 'Tricom S.A.', 'Tricom'),
('DO', 'Trilogy Dominicana, S.A.', 'Viva'),
('TL', 'Timor Telecom', ''),
('EC', 'Otecel S.A.', 'Movistar'),
('EC', 'América Móvil', 'Porta'),
('EC', 'Telecsa S.A.', 'Alegro'),
('EG', 'ECMS-Mobinil', 'Mobinil'),
('EG', 'Vodafone Egypt', 'Vodafone'),
('EG', 'Etisalat Egypt', 'Etisalat'),
('SV', 'CTE Telecom Personal SA de CV', 'CTE Telecom Personal'),
('SV', 'Digicel Group', 'digicel'),
('SV', 'Telemovil EL Salvador S.A', 'Telemovil EL Salvador'),
('SV', 'Telefónica Móviles El Salvador', 'movistar'),
('SV', 'América Móvil', 'Claro'),
('GQ', 'GETESA', 'Orange GQ'),
('ER', 'Eritrea Telecommunications Services Corporation', 'Eritel'),
('EE', 'Estonian Mobile Telecom', 'EMT'),
('EE', 'Elisa Eesti', 'Elisa'),
('EE', 'Tele 2 Eesti', 'Tele 2'),
('EE', 'OY Top Connect', ''),
('EE', 'AS Bravocom Mobiil', ''),
('EE', 'OY ViaTel', ''),
('ET', 'Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation', 'ETMTN'),
('FO', 'Faroese Telecom', 'Faroese Telecom'),
('FO', 'Vodafone Faroe Islands', 'Vodafone'),
('FJ', 'Vodafone Fiji', 'Vodafone'),
('FJ', 'Digicel Fiji', 'Digicel'),
('FI', 'DNA Oy', 'DNA'),
('FI', 'Elisa Oyj', 'Elisa'),
('FI', 'TDC Oy', ''),
('FI', 'Ålands Mobiltelefon', 'AMT'),
('FI', 'Scnl Truphone', ''),
('FI', 'TeliaSonera Finland Oyj', 'Sonera'),
('FR', 'Orange', 'Orange'),
('FR', 'France Orange', 'France Telecom Mobile'),
('FR', 'Globalstar Europe', ''),
('FR', 'SFR', 'SFR'),
('FR', 'Bouygues Telecom', 'Bouygues'),
('PF', 'Tikiphone SA', 'VINI'),
('GA', 'Libertis S.A.', 'Libertis'),
('GA', 'Moov (Telecel) Gabon S.A.', ''),
('GA', 'Celtel Gabon S.A.', 'Zain'),
('GM', 'Gamcel', 'Gamcel'),
('GM', 'Africel', 'Africel'),
('GE', 'Geocell Limited', 'Geocell'),
('GE', 'Magticom GSM', 'Magti'),
('GE', 'Iberiatel Ltd.', 'Iberiatel'),
('GE', 'Mobitel LLC', 'Beeline'),
('GE', 'Aquafon', 'Aquafon'),
('GE', 'A-Mobile', 'A-Mobile'),
('DE', 'T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH', 'T-Mobile'),
('DE', 'Vodafone D2 GmbH', 'Vodafone'),
('DE', 'E-Plus Mobilfunk', 'E-Plus'),
('DE', 'Vodafone', 'Vodafone'),
('DE', 'T-Mobile', 'T-Mobile'),
('DE', 'O2 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG', 'O2'),
('DE', 'O2', 'O2'),
('DE', 'Arcor AG & Co', ''),
('DE', 'Dolphin Telecom', ''),
('DE', 'Mobilcom Multimedia', ''),
('DE', 'Group 3G UMTS', ''),
('DE', 'Airdata', 'Airdata'),
('DE', 'vistream', 'vistream'),
('DE', 'DB Telematik', ''),
('DE', 'Siemens AG', ''),
('DE', 'E-Plus', 'E-Plus'),
('DE', 'Debitel', 'Debitel'),
('GH', 'ScanCom Ltd', 'MTN'),
('GH', 'Ghana Telecommunications Company Ltd', 'Ghana Telecom Mobile'),
('GH', 'Millicom Ghana Limited', 'tiGO'),
('GH', 'Kasapa / Hutchison Telecom', ''),
('GI', 'Gibraltar Telecoms', 'GibTel'),
('GR', 'COSMOTE - Mobile Telecommunications S.A.', 'Cosmote'),
('GR', 'Vodafone Greece', 'Vodafone'),
('GR', 'Wind Hellas Telecommunications S.A.', 'Wind'),
('GL', 'TELE Greenland A/S', ''),
('GD', 'Digicel Grenada Ltd.', 'Digicel'),
('GD', 'Cable & Wireless Grenada Ltd.', 'Cable & Wireless'),
('GP', 'Orange Caraïbe Mobiles', 'Orange'),
('GP', 'Outremer Telecom', 'Outremer'),
('GP', 'Saint Martin et Saint Barthelemy Telcell Sarl', 'Telcell'),
('GP', 'Dauphin Telecom', 'MIO GSM'),
('GP', 'DIGICEL Antilles Française Guyane', 'Digicel'),
('GU', 'IT&E Overseas, Inc', 'IT&E Wireless'),
('GU', 'Guam Telephone Authority', ''),
('GU', 'GTA Wireless', 'mPulse'),
('GU', 'Guam Cellular & Paging Inc', 'Guamcell'),
('GU', 'Wave Runner LLC', 'i CAN_GSM'),
('GT', 'Servicios de Comunicaciones Personales Inalambricas (SERCOM)', 'Claro'),
('GT', 'Millicom / Local partners', 'Comcel / Tigo'),
('GT', 'Telefonica Móviles Guatemala (Telefónica)', 'movistar'),
('GT', 'Digicel Group', 'digicel'),
('GN', 'Spacetel', 'Spacetel'),
('GN', 'Sotelgui Lagui', 'Lagui'),
('GN', 'INTERCEL Guinée', 'Telecel Guinee'),
('GN', 'Areeba Guinea', 'MTN'),
('GW', 'Spacetel Guiné-Bissau S.A.', 'Areeba'),
('GY', 'U-Mobile (Cellular) Inc.', 'Digicel'),
('HT', 'Comcel / Voila', ''),
('HT', 'Digicel', 'Digicel'),
('HN', 'Servicios de Comunicaciones de Honduras S.A. de C.V.', 'Claro'),
('HN', 'Celtel / Tigo', ''),
('HN', 'Empresa Hondureña de Telecomunicaciones', 'Hondutel'),
('HN', 'Digicel de Honduras', 'DIGICEL'),
('HK', 'Hong Kong CSL Limited', 'CSL'),
('HK', 'CITIC Telecom 1616', ''),
('HK', 'Hutchison Telecom', '3 (3G)'),
('HK', 'SmarTone Mobile Comms', 'Smartone-Vodafone'),
('HK', 'China Unicom', ''),
('HK', 'Trident', ''),
('HK', 'China Motion Telecom', ''),
('HK', 'China-Hongkong Telecom', ''),
('HK', 'China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited', 'CMCC Peoples'),
('HK', 'PCCW Mobile (PCCW Ltd)', 'PCCW'),
('HU', 'Pannon GSM Távközlési Zrt.', 'Pannon'),
('HU', 'Magyar Telekom Plc', 'T-Mobile'),
('HU', 'Vodafone Magyarország Zrt.', 'Vodafone'),
('IS', 'Iceland Telecom', 'Siminn'),
('IS', 'Og fjarskipti hf', 'Vodafone'),
('IS', 'Vodafone Iceland', 'Vodafone'),
('IS', 'IMC Island ehf', 'Viking'),
('IS', 'Núll níu ehf', ''),
('IS', 'IceCell ehf', 'IceCell'),
('IS', 'Nova ehf', 'Nova'),
('IN', 'Vodafone Essar', 'Vodafone - Haryana'),
('IN', 'Bharti Airtel', 'Airtel - Punjab'),
('IN', 'Idea cellular', 'Idea - Delhi'),
('IN', 'Vodafone Essar Gujarat Limited', 'Vodafone - Gujarat'),
('IN', 'Reliance GSM', ''),
('IN', 'IDEA Cellular Limited', 'Idea Haryana'),
('IN', 'Vodafone Essar South', 'Vodafone'),
('IN', 'Spice Communications', 'Spice Telecom - Punjab'),
('IN', 'Aircell Digilink Essar Cellph.', ''),
('IN', 'Vodafone Mumbai', 'Vodafone'),
('IN', 'BPL Mobile Mumbai', ''),
('IN', 'Dishnet Wireless/Aircel', 'Aircel - Orissa'),
('IN', 'Vodafone Essar East Limited', 'Vodafone - Kolkata'),
('IN', 'Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited', 'BSNL'),
('IN', 'Reliance GSM - Bihar & Jharkhand', 'Reliance'),
('IN', 'Aircel', 'Aircel - Chennai Metro'),
('IN', 'Spice Communications Limited', 'Spice Telecom - Karnataka'),
('IN', 'Vodafone', 'Vodafone'),
('IN', 'Reliance Telecom Private', 'Reliance - Orissa'),
('IN', 'Aircell Digilink', '----'),
('IN', 'BSNL Maharashtra & Goa', 'BSNL - Maharashtra'),
('IN', 'Vodafone Essar East', 'Vodafone - West Bengal'),
('IN', 'Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd', 'MTNL - Delhi'),
('IN', 'Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited / CellOne', 'BSNL'),
('IN', 'BTA Cellcom', ''),
('IN', 'Idea', 'Idea'),
('IN', 'Reliance GSM - Kolkata', 'Reliance'),
('IN', 'Reliance GSM - West Bengal', 'Reliance'),
('IN', 'Escorts Telecom', ''),
('IN', 'Airtel Maharashtra & Goa', 'Airtel - Maharashtra'),
('IN', 'Airtel Mumbai', ''),
('IN', 'Airtel Gujrat', ''),
('ID', 'PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (ACeS)', 'PSN'),
('ID', 'PT Indonesian Satellite Corporation Tbk (INDOSAT)', 'INDOSAT'),
('ID', 'PT Indosat', 'StarOne'),
('ID', 'PT Telkom', 'TelkomFlexi'),
('ID', 'PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler', 'AXIS'),
('ID', 'PT Smart Telecom', 'SMART'),
('ID', 'PT Telekomunikasi Selular', 'Telkomsel'),
('ID', 'PT Excelcomindo Pratama', 'XL'),
('ID', 'PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia', 'Ceria'),
('ID', 'PT Mobile-8 Telecom', 'Fren/Hepi'),
('ID', 'PT Hutchison CP Telecommunications', '3'),
('ID', 'PT Bakrie Telecom', 'Esia'),
('IR', 'Mobile Communications Company of Iran', 'MCI'),
('IR', 'KFZO', 'TKC'),
('IR', 'Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan', 'MTCE'),
('IR', 'Taliya', 'Taliya'),
('IR', 'Irancell Telecommunications Services Company', 'Irancell'),
('IQ', 'Zain Iraq', 'Zain IQ'),
('IQ', 'Asia Cell Telecommunications Company', 'Asia Cell'),
('IQ', 'Korek Telecom Ltd', 'Korek'),
('IQ', 'SanaTel', 'SanaTel'),
('IQ', 'Orascom Telecom Iraq Corporation', 'IRAQNA'),
('IE', 'Vodafone Ireland', 'Vodafone'),
('IE', 'O2 Ireland', 'O2'),
('IE', 'Meteor', 'Meteor'),
('IE', 'Access Telecom', ''),
('IE', 'Hutchison 3G Ireland limited', '3'),
('IE', 'Eircom', ''),
('IE', 'Clever Communications', ''),
('IL', 'Partner Communications Company Ltd', 'Orange'),
('IL', 'Cellcom', 'Cellcom'),
('IL', 'Pelephone', 'Pelephone'),
('IL', 'Mirs', 'Mirs'),
('IT', 'Telecom Italia SpA', 'TIM'),
('IT', 'Elsacom', 'Elsacom'),
('IT', 'Vodafone Omnitel N.V.', 'Vodafone'),
('IT', 'Rete Ferroviaria Italiana', 'RFI'),
('IT', 'IPSE 2000', 'IPSE 2000'),
('IT', 'Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA', 'Wind'),
('IT', 'Blu', 'Blu'),
('IT', 'Hutchison 3G', '3 Italia'),
('JM', 'Cable & Wireless', 'Cable & Wireless'),
('JM', 'Digicel (Jamaica) Limited', 'Digicel'),
('JM', 'Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited', 'Claro'),
('JP', 'eMobile, Ltd.', 'eMobile'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo Kansai', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo Hokuriku', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'SoftBank Mobile Corp', 'SoftBank'),
('JP', 'KDDI Corporation', 'KDDI'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo Tokai', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo Tohoku', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo Hokkaido', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo Chugoku', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo Kyushu', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMoTohoku', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'NTT DoCoMo Shikoku', 'DoCoMo'),
('JP', 'Okinawa Cellular Telephone', ''),
('JP', 'TU-KA Cellular Tokyo', 'TU-KA'),
('JP', 'TU-KA Phone Kansai', 'TU-KA'),
('JP', 'TU-KA Cellular Tokai', 'TU-KA'),
('JO', 'Jordan Mobile Telephone Services', 'Zain'),
('JO', 'XPress Telecom', 'XPress Telecom'),
('JO', 'Umniah', 'Umniah'),
('JO', 'Petra Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications Company (MobileCom)', 'Orange'),
('KZ', 'KaR-Tel LLP', 'Beeline'),
('KZ', 'GSM Kazakhstan Ltd', 'Kcell'),
('KZ', 'Dalacom', 'Dalacom'),
('KZ', 'Mobile Telecom Service LLP', 'Mobile Telecom Service'),
('KE', 'Safaricom Limited', 'Safaricom'),
('KE', 'Celtel Kenya Limited', 'Zain'),
('KE', 'Telkom Kenya', 'Orange Kenya'),
('KE', 'Econet Wireless Kenya', 'yu'),
('KI', 'Telecom Services Kiribati Ltd', 'Kiribati Frigate'),
('KP', 'Korea Posts and Telecommunications Corporation', 'SUN NET'),
('KR', 'KTF', 'KTF'),
('KR', 'Shinsegi Telecom, Inc.', 'Digital 017'),
('KR', 'SK Telecom', 'SKT'),
('KR', 'LG Telecom', 'LGT'),
('KW', 'Mobile Telecommunications Co.', 'Zain'),
('KW', 'National Mobile Telecommunications', 'Wataniya'),
('KW', 'Kuwait Telecommunication Company', 'Viva'),
('KG', 'Sky Mobile LLC', 'Bitel'),
('KG', 'BiMoCom Ltd', 'MegaCom'),
('KG', 'NurTelecom LLC', 'O!'),
('LA', 'Lao Shinawatra Telecom', 'LaoTel'),
('LA', 'Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao', 'ETL'),
('LA', 'Lao Asia Telecommunication State Enterprise (LAT)', 'LAT'),
('LA', 'Millicom Lao Co Ltd', 'Tigo'),
('LV', 'Latvian Mobile Telephone', 'LMT'),
('LV', 'Tele2', 'Tele2'),
('LV', 'Telekom Baltija', 'TRIATEL'),
('LV', 'Bite Latvija', 'Bite'),
('LV', 'Rigatta', ''),
('LV', 'Master Telecom', 'MTS'),
('LV', 'IZZI', 'IZZI'),
('LB', 'Alfa', 'Alfa'),
('LB', 'MIC 2', 'MTC-Touch'),
('LS', 'Vodacom Lesotho (Pty) Ltd', 'Vodacom'),
('LS', 'Econet Ezin-cel', ''),
('LR', 'Lonestar Communications Corporation', 'Lonestar Cell'),
('LR', 'Comium Liberi', ''),
('LR', 'Liberia Telecommunications Corporation', 'LIBTELCO'),
('LY', 'Libyana', 'Libyana'),
('LY', 'Al Madar', 'Madar'),
('LI', 'Swisscom Schweiz AG', 'Swisscom'),
('LI', 'Orange Liechtenstein AG', 'Orange'),
('LI', 'Mobilkom Liechtenstein AG', 'FL1'),
('LI', 'Belgacom', 'Tele 2'),
('LT', 'Omnitel', 'Omnitel'),
('LT', 'UAB Bité Lietuva', 'BITE'),
('LT', 'Tele 2', 'Tele 2'),
('LU', 'P&T Luxembourg', 'LuxGSM'),
('LU', 'Tango SA', 'Tango'),
('LU', 'VOXmobile S.A.', 'Voxmobile'),
('MO', 'SmarTone Macao', 'SmarTone'),
('MO', 'C.T.M. Telemovel+', 'CTM'),
('MO', 'China Telecom', 'China Telecom'),
('MO', 'Hutchison Telecom', '3'),
('MK', 'T-Mobile Makedonija', 'T-Mobile'),
('MK', 'Cosmofon', 'Cosmofon'),
('MK', 'VIP Operator', 'Vip'),
('MG', 'Celtel', 'Zain'),
('MG', 'Orange Madagascar S.A.', 'Orange'),
('MG', 'Telma Mobile S.A.', 'Telma'),
('MW', 'Telecom Network Malawi', 'TNM'),
('MW', 'Celtel Limited', 'Zain'),
('MY', 'Maxis Communications Berhad', 'Maxis'),
('MY', 'Celcom Malaysia Sdn Bhd', 'Celcom'),
('MY', 'DiGi Telecommunications', 'DiGi'),
('MY', 'U Mobile Sdn Bhd', 'U Mobile'),
('MV', 'Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun', 'Dhiraagu'),
('MV', 'Wataniya Telecom Maldives', 'Wataniya'),
('ML', 'Malitel SA', 'Malitel'),
('ML', 'Orange Mali SA', 'Orange'),
('MT', 'Vodafone Malta', 'Vodafone'),
('MT', 'Mobisle Communications Limited', 'GO'),
('MT', 'Melita Mobile Ltd. (3G Telecommunications Limited)', 'Melita'),
('MR', 'Mattel', 'Mattel'),
('MR', 'Mauritel Mobiles', 'Mauritel'),
('MU', 'Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd.', 'Orange'),
('MU', 'Mahanagar Telephone (Mauritius) Ltd.', 'MTNL'),
('MU', 'Emtel Ltd', 'Emtel'),
('MX', 'Nextel México', 'Nextel'),
('MX', 'América Móvil', 'Telcel'),
('MX', 'Pegaso Comunicaciones y Sistemas', 'movistar'),
('FM', 'FSM Telecom', ''),
('MD', 'Orange Moldova', 'Orange'),
('MD', 'Moldcell', 'Moldcell'),
('MD', 'Moldtelecom', 'Unité'),
('MD', 'Interdnestrcom', 'IDC'),
('MD', 'Eventis Telecom', 'Eventis'),
('MC', 'Monaco Telecom', 'Office des Telephones'),
('MN', 'Mobicom Corporation', 'MobiCom'),
('MN', 'Unitel LLC', 'Unitel'),
('ME', 'ProMonte GSM', 'ProMonte'),
('ME', 'T-Mobile Montenegro LLC', 'T-Mobile'),
('ME', 'MTEL CG', 'm:tel CG'),
('MA', 'Medi Telecom', 'Méditel'),
('MA', 'Ittissalat Al Maghrib (Maroc Telecom)', 'IAM'),
('MA', 'WANA - Groupe ONA', 'WANA'),
('MZ', 'Mocambique Celular S.A.R.L', 'mCel'),
('MZ', 'Vodacom Mozambique, S.A.R.L.', 'Vodacom'),
('MM', 'Myanmar Post and Telecommunication', 'MPT'),
('NA', 'MTC Namibia', 'MTC'),
('NA', 'Telecom Namibia', 'switch'),
('NA', 'Telecel Globe (Orascom)', 'Cell One'),
('NP', 'Nepal Telecom', ''),
('NP', 'Spice Nepal Private Ltd', 'Mero Mobile'),
('NP', 'United Telecom Limited', ''),
('NL', 'Tele2 Netherlands', ''),
('NL', 'NS Railinfrabeheer B.V.', ''),
('NL', 'Vodafone Netherlands', 'Vodafone'),
('NL', 'KPN', 'KPN'),
('NL', 'T-Mobile Netherlands B.V', 'T-Mobile / Ben'),
('AN', 'Telcell N.V.', 'Telcell'),
('AN', 'Curaçao Telecom N.V.', 'Digicel'),
('AN', 'Setel N.V.', 'UTS'),
('AN', 'East Caribbean Cellular', ''),
('AN', 'Antiliano Por N.V.', ''),
('AN', 'E.O.C.G. Wireless', 'MIO'),
('AN', 'Bòbò Frus N.V.', 'Bayòs'),
('NC', 'OPT New Caledonia', 'Mobilis'),
('NZ', 'Telecom New Zealand', 'Telecom'),
('NZ', 'Vodafone New Zealand', 'Vodafone'),
('NZ', 'Woosh Wireless New Zealand', 'Woosh'),
('NZ', 'TelstraClear New Zealand', 'TelstraClear'),
('NZ', 'NZ Communications New Zealand', 'NZ Comms'),
('NI', 'Empresa Nicaragüense de Telecomunicaciones, S.A.', 'Claro'),
('NI', 'Telefónica Móviles de Nicaragua S.A.', 'movistar'),
('NI', 'Servicios de Comunicaciones S.A.', 'SERCOM'),
('NE', 'SahelCom', 'SahelCom'),
('NE', 'Celtel Niger', 'Zain'),
('NE', 'Telecel Niger SA', 'Telecel'),
('NE', 'Orange Niger', 'Orange'),
('NG', 'Celtel Nigeria Ltd Ltd.', 'Zain'),
('NG', 'MTN Nigeria Communications Limited', 'MTN'),
('NG', 'Nigerian Mobile Telecommunications Limited', 'M-Tel'),
('NG', 'Globacom Ltd', 'Glo'),
('NO', 'Telenor', 'Telenor'),
('NO', 'NetCom GSM', 'NetCom'),
('NO', 'MTU', 'MTU'),
('NO', 'Tele2', 'Tele2'),
('NO', 'Network Norway', 'Network Norway'),
('NO', 'Nordisk Mobiltelefon', 'Ice'),
('NO', 'Ventelo', 'Ventelo'),
('NO', 'TDC Mobil AS', ''),
('NO', 'Barablu Mobile Norway Ltd', ''),
('NO', 'Jernbaneverket AS', ''),
('OM', 'Oman Telecommunications Company', 'Oman Mobile'),
('OM', 'Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company SAOC', 'Nawras'),
('PK', 'Mobilink-PMCL', 'Mobilink'),
('PK', 'Pakistan Telecommunciation Mobile Ltd', 'Ufone'),
('PK', 'China Mobile', 'Zong'),
('PK', 'Telenor Pakistan', 'Telenor'),
('PK', 'WaridTel', 'Warid'),
('PK', 'Instaphone', 'Instaphone'),
('PW', 'Palau National Communications Corp.', 'PNCC'),
('PW', 'Palau Mobile Corporation', 'Palau Mobile'),
('PS', 'Palestine Cellular Communications, Ltd.', 'JAWWAL'),
('PS', 'Wataniya Palestine Mobile Telecommunications Company', 'Wataniya'),
('PA', 'Cable & Wireless Panama S.A.', 'Cable & Wireless'),
('PA', 'Telefonica Moviles Panama S.A', 'movistar'),
('PA', 'Digicel (Panama) S.A.', 'Digicel'),
('PG', 'Pacific Mobile Communications', 'B-Mobile'),
('PG', 'Digicel PNG', 'Digicel'),
('PY', 'Hola Paraguay S.A', 'VOX'),
('PY', 'AMX Paraguay S.A.', 'Claro'),
('PY', 'Telefonica Celular Del Paraguay S.A. (Telecel)', 'Tigo'),
('PY', 'Núcleo S.A', 'Personal'),
('PE', 'Telefónica Móviles Perú', 'movistar'),
('PE', 'América Móvil Perú', 'Claro'),
('PE', 'NII Holdings', 'NEXTEL'),
('PH', 'Innove Communications Inc', 'Islacom'),
('PH', 'Globe Telecom', 'Globe'),
('PH', 'Smart Communications Inc', 'Smart Gold'),
('PH', 'Digital Telecommunications Philippines', 'Digitel'),
('PH', 'ACeS Philippines', ''),
('PH', 'Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise', 'Red Mobile'),
('PH', 'Nextel', ''),
('PL', 'Polkomtel', 'Plus'),
('PL', 'Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC)', 'Era'),
('PL', 'PTK Centertel', 'Orange'),
('PL', 'Tele2 Polska', 'Tele2'),
('PL', 'P4 Sp. z o.o', 'Play'),
('PL', 'Premium Internet', ''),
('PL', 'E-Telko', ''),
('PL', 'Telekomunikacja Kolejowa', ''),
('PL', 'Telefony Opalenickie', ''),
('PL', 'Nordisk Polska', ''),
('PL', 'Cyfrowy Polsat', 'Cyfrowy Polsat'),
('PL', 'Sferia S.A.', 'Sferia'),
('PL', 'CenterNet S.A.', 'CenterNet'),
('PT', 'Vodafone Portugal', 'Vodafone'),
('PT', 'Sonaecom – Serviços de Comunicações, S.A.', 'Optimus'),
('PT', 'Telecomunicações Móveis Nacionais', 'TMN'),
('PT', 'Zapp Portugal', 'Zapp'),
('PR', 'Puerto Rico Telephone Company', 'Claro'),
('QA', 'Q-Tel', 'Qatarnet'),
('RE', 'Orange La Réunion', 'Orange'),
('RE', 'Outremer Telecom', 'Outremer'),
('RE', 'Societe Reunionnaise de Radiotelephone', 'SFR Reunion'),
('RO', 'Vodafone România', 'Vodafone'),
('RO', 'Cosmote România', 'Cosmote'),
('RO', 'Telemobil', 'Zapp'),
('RO', 'RCS&RDS', 'DIGI.mobil'),
('RO', 'Orange România', 'Orange'),
('RU', 'Mobile TeleSystems', 'MTS'),
('RU', 'MegaFon OJSC', 'MegaFon'),
('RU', 'Nizhegorodskaya Cellular Communications', 'NCC'),
('RU', 'Sibchallenge', 'Sibchallenge'),
('RU', 'Yeniseytelecom', 'ETK'),
('RU', 'Zao SMARTS', 'SMARTS'),
('RU', 'Khabarovsky Cellular Phone', 'Skylink'),
('RU', 'Dontelekom', 'DTC'),
('RU', 'Orensot', ''),
('RU', 'Baykal Westcom / New Telephone Company / Far Eastern Cellular', 'Baykalwestcom'),
('RU', 'Kuban GSM', 'KUGSM'),
('RU', 'SMARTS Ufa', 'SMARTS'),
('RU', 'New Telephone Company', 'NTC'),
('RU', 'JSC Uralsvyazinform', 'Utel'),
('RU', 'Tele2', 'Tele2'),
('RU', 'Mobicom - Novosibirsk', 'Mobicom - Novosibirsk'),
('RU', 'Beeline', 'Beeline'),
('RU', 'MOTIV', 'MOTIV'),
('RU', 'Uralsvyazinform', 'Utel'),
('RU', 'Stavtelesot / North Caucasian GSM', ''),
('RU', 'Primtelefon', ''),
('RU', 'Telecom XXI', ''),
('RU', 'OJSC VimpelCom', 'Beeline'),
('RU', 'SkyLink/MTS/the Moscow Cellular communication', ''),
('RU', 'Akos', 'Akos'),
('RW', 'MTN Rwandacell SARL', 'MTN'),
('KN', 'Digicel', 'Digicel'),
('KN', 'Cable & Wireless', ''),
('LC', 'Digicel', 'Digicel'),
('LC', 'Cable & Wireless', ''),
('PM', 'St. Pierre-et-Miquelon Télécom', 'Ameris'),
('VC', 'Digicel', 'Digicel'),
('VC', 'Cingular Wireless', 'Cingular Wireless'),
('VC', 'Cable & Wireless', 'Cable & Wireless'),
('WS', 'Digicel Pacific Ltd.', 'Digicel'),
('WS', 'SamoaTel Ltd', 'SamoaTel'),
('SM', 'San Marino Telecom', 'PRIMA'),
('ST', 'Companhia Santomese de Telecomunicaçôe', 'CSTmovel'),
('SA', 'Saudi Telecom Company', 'STC'),
('SA', 'Etihad Etisalat Company', 'Mobily'),
('SA', 'Electronics App'' Est.', 'EAE'),
('SA', 'MTC Saudi Arabia', 'Zain SA'),
('SN', 'Sonatel ALIZE', ''),
('SN', 'Sentel GSM', ''),
('RS', 'Telenor Serbia', 'Telenor'),
('RS', 'Telekom Srbija', 'Telekom Srbija'),
('RS', 'VIP Mobile', 'VIP Mobile'),
('SC', 'Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd.', 'Cable & Wireless'),
('SC', 'Mediatech International Ltd.', 'Mediatech International'),
('SC', 'Telecom Airtel', ''),
('SL', 'Zain', 'Zain'),
('SL', 'Millicom', 'Millicom'),
('SL', 'Datatel', 'Datatel'),
('SL', 'Comium Sierra leone INC', 'Comium'),
('SL', 'Africell', 'Africell'),
('SL', 'Mobitel', 'Mobitel'),
('SL', 'Sierratel', 'LeoneCel'),
('SG', 'Singapore Telecom', 'SingTel'),
('SG', 'MobileOne Asia', 'M1'),
('SG', 'StarHub Mobile', 'StarHub'),
('SG', 'Digital Trunked Radio Network', ''),
('SK', 'Orange Slovensko', 'Orange'),
('SK', 'T-Mobile Slovensko', 'T-Mobile'),
('SK', 'Unient Communications', ''),
('SK', 'Mobile Entertainment Company', ''),
('SK', 'Telefónica O2 Slovakia', 'O2'),
('SK', 'ŽSR', 'ŽSR'),
('SI', 'SI.MOBIL d.d.', 'Si.mobil'),
('SI', 'Mobitel D.D.', 'Mobitel'),
('SI', 'T-2 d.o.o.', 'T-2'),
('SI', 'Tušmobil d.o.o.', 'Tušmobil'),
('SB', 'Solomon Telekom Co Ltd', 'BREEZE'),
('SO', 'Somafone FZLLC', 'Somafone'),
('SO', 'Nationlink', 'Nationlink'),
('SO', 'Hormuud Telecom Somalia Inc', 'Hormuud'),
('SO', 'Golis Telecommunications Company', 'Golis'),
('SO', 'Telecom Mobile', 'Telcom Mobile'),
('SO', 'Telcom Somalia', 'Telcom Somalia'),
('ZA', 'Vodacom', 'Vodacom'),
('ZA', 'Sentech', 'Sentech'),
('ZA', 'Cell C', 'Cell C'),
('ZA', 'MTN Group', 'MTN'),
('ZA', 'SAPS Gauteng', ''),
('ZA', 'Neotel', 'Neotel'),
('ZA', 'Cape Town Metropolitan Council', ''),
('ZA', 'Bokamoso Consortium', ''),
('ZA', 'Karabo Telecoms (Pty) Ltd.', ''),
('ZA', 'Ilizwi Telecommunications', ''),
('ZA', 'Thinta Thinta Telecommunications', ''),
('ZA', 'Telkom', ''),
('ES', 'Vodafone Spain', 'Vodafone'),
('ES', 'France Telecom España SA', 'Orange'),
('ES', 'Xfera Moviles SA', 'Yoigo'),
('ES', 'Telefónica Móviles España', 'TME'),
('ES', 'Euskaltel', 'Euskaltel'),
('ES', 'BT Group', 'BT'),
('ES', 'TeleCable', 'TeleCable'),
('ES', 'ONO', 'ONO'),
('ES', 'Simyo', 'Simyo'),
('ES', 'Best Spain Telecom', 'DigiMobil'),
('ES', 'BARABLU MÓVIL ESPAÑA', 'Barablu'),
('LK', 'Mobitel Lanka Ltd.', 'Mobitel'),
('LK', 'Dialog Telekom PLC.', 'Dialog'),
('LK', 'Celtel Lanka Ltd', 'Tigo'),
('LK', 'Hutch Sri Lanka', ''),
('LK', 'Bharathi AirTel', 'AirTel Sri Lanka'),
('LK', 'Relaince India(Ambhani Group)', 'RTEC Mobile'),
('SD', 'Mobitel / Mobile Telephone Company', ''),
('SD', 'MTN Sudan', 'MTN'),
('SD', 'Wawat Securities', 'Vivacell'),
('SR', 'Telesur', 'Telesur'),
('SZ', 'Swazi MTN', ''),
('SE', 'TeliaSonera Mobile Networks', 'Telia'),
('SE', '3', '3'),
('SE', 'Nordisk Mobiltelefon', ''),
('SE', '3G Infrastructure Services', ''),
('SE', 'Sweden 3G', ''),
('SE', 'Telenor', 'Telenor'),
('SE', 'Tele2 AB', 'Tele2'),
('SE', 'Telenor Mobile Sverige', ''),
('SE', 'SpringMobil', 'SpringMobil'),
('SE', 'Lindholmen Science Park', ''),
('SE', 'Barablu Mobile Scandinavia', ''),
('SE', 'Ventelo Sverige', ''),
('SE', 'TDC Mobil', ''),
('SE', 'Wireless Maingate Nordic', ''),
('SE', '42IT', ''),
('SE', 'Wireless Maingate Message Services', ''),
('SE', 'Banverket', ''),
('CH', 'Swisscom Ltd', 'Swisscom'),
('CH', 'Sunrise Communications AG', 'Sunrise'),
('CH', 'Orange Communications SA', 'Orange'),
('CH', 'Togewanet AG (Comfone)', ''),
('CH', 'SBB AG', ''),
('CH', 'IN&Phone SA', 'IN&Phone'),
('CH', 'Tele2 Telecommunications AG', 'Tele2'),
('CH', '3G Mobile AG', ''),
('CH', 'BebbiCell AG', ''),
('SY', 'SyriaTel', 'SyriaTel'),
('SY', 'MTN Syria (JSC)', 'MTN Syria'),
('TW', 'Far EasTone Telecommunications Co Ltd', 'FarEasTone'),
('TW', 'Asia Pacific Telecom', 'APTG'),
('TW', 'Tuntex Telecom', 'Tuntex'),
('TW', 'LDTA/Chungwa Telecom', 'Chunghwa LDM'),
('TW', 'KG Telecom', 'KG Telecom'),
('TW', 'VIBO Telecom', 'VIBO'),
('TW', 'Chunghwa', 'Chungwa'),
('TW', 'Mobitai Communications', 'MobiTai'),
('TW', 'Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd', 'Taiwan Mobile'),
('TW', 'TransAsia Telecoms', 'TransAsia'),
('TJ', 'JV Somoncom', 'Somoncom'),
('TJ', 'Indigo Tajikistan', 'Indigo'),
('TJ', 'TT Mobile, Closed joint-stock company', 'MLT'),
('TJ', 'CJSC Babilon-Mobile', 'Babilon-M'),
('TJ', 'Co Ltd. Tacom', 'Beeline TJ'),
('TZ', 'Tritel', ''),
('TZ', 'MIC Tanzania Limited', 'Mobitel'),
('TZ', 'Zanzibar Telecom Ltd', 'Zantel'),
('TZ', 'Vodacom Tanzania Limited', 'Vodacom'),
('TZ', 'Celtel Tanzania Limited', 'Zain'),
('TH', 'CAT CDMA', ''),
('TH', 'Advanced Info Service', '')


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